About Us

I am a wife of a very busy husband at work and I have a very funny and very active child.

I felt when my child was a kid I was very difficult to find items that make my child look funny and adorable. When our children are young and grown up there are times when we want to remember the funny and cute moments when they were kids.

I opened this online store to help all mothers in this world to easily find products that will be memorable for you when they were kids.
I always look for quality items so when your child wear them will feel comfortable. 
My Missions
To make every mothers in the world have unforgettable memories of their child as a child. I always give the best for my child. therefore I will also provide the best for my customers.
Because  I want my mission to become reality by opening Moms and Kidz online shop "Shopping is happiness with LOVE"
you can always contact me at momsandkid@yahoo.com